Public Defender vs. Private Attorney: Which is best for your DWI charge?

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Real talk: driving while intoxicated or DWI is a crime. This is probably one of the few things that all states can agree upon. When this happens, the driver gets charged for a serious offense and will be put under the territory of the criminal court. While you can legally represent yourself in cases such as this, it’s still always a good idea to hire a professional who will be able to represent you in court.

Now that has been cleared up, it’s time to decide between asking for a public defender to be assigned to your case or hiring a private lawyer for yourself? In this article, we made a case for both to help you decide which legal representation to turn to in the USA.

Public Defender Pros

1.   If you can’t afford to hire your own private lawyer

By mandate of the law, you have the right to due process and an attorney. If you can’t afford to hire one, then the state will appoint one to your case. In cases like this, you will be assigned a public defender who will represent you.

2.   Public defenders are well-versed in the behavior of most judges and district attorneys.

These defense lawyers go to trial regularly and are thus better acquainted with those who will be in charge of your case. This might give you leverage when it comes to obtaining a plea bargain.

Public Defender Cons

1.   Public defenders are loaded with cases.

The downside to getting a public defender is that they will likely be knee-deep in caseloads. Of course, these professionals will represent you to the best of their abilities. Still, the reality is that they might not be able to perform to the maximum capacity given the number of cases that they still need to study and process.

2.   Public defenders will only be able to help you with your criminal court case.

These public defenders are appointed by the state to assist you solely on your criminal charge. The problem now is that you will need to go through the complex process of filing for the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV proceedings too. Either you hire a lawyer for this job, or you deal with this aspect on your own.

DWI Defense Attorneys Pros

1.   DWI defense attorneys can help you with both DMV and criminal court proceedings.

With these guys, you no longer have to worry about these two processes, because your DWI lawyer will handle both for you. This means that the papers filed for you will correspond seamlessly with each other. Not to mention, there are higher chances of getting more favorable results too.

2.   You get to choose your representation.

For DWI cases, you must trust your lawyer, and you have a good working relationship. If you choose to go with DWI defense attorneys, you can make sure that these are the professionals who specialize in the field and have the experience and track record to prove it.

3.   You can expect your DWI attorney to focus on your case.

Of course, they will have other clients, but not half as many as that of a public defender. This means that you can expect them to communicate with you more and spend more time on your case.

DWI Defense Attorneys Con

Of course, a major downside to hiring a DWI lawyer is the costs. Hiring your own will generally cost more, but of course, the benefits still stand. With your own DWI defense attorney, you will have someone who you can expect to spend time and effort in securing a favorable outcome for you.

These DWI defense attorneys will be able to lessen the stress for you – sometimes even exempting you from appearing in court. That in itself, if you ask us, is an important consideration.