How an Optometry Business Attorney can add Value to your Optometry Practice

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When you have a specialist business in the USA, you need a specialist attorney to represent you. Working in the optometry sector is no exception to this rule. Seeking legal advice as an optician or optometrist should be top of the list of contacts you keep when you open your own business. A good healthcare attorney could be the difference between the success and failure of your firm.

Optometrists and Attorneys should go hand-in-hand

A recent report in CNBC[i] estimated that there are anything between 250,000 and 440,000 medical errors made in the US each year. They go so far as to say that medical errors are the 3rd biggest cause of death annually. While we appreciate that optometrists rarely perform life threatening operations – we also know the costs of even the smallest medical error.

Medical Malpractice lawsuits cost more than just finances and can be caused by something as small as a misread prescription. When dealing with patient’s health – in particularly in America where optometry is a paid for service – there is a greater risk of harm should something go wrong than there are in most other professions. It is for this reason that we suggest an optometry business attorney be one of your first connections when you set up shop.

Still unconvinced? Truecosts report medical malpractice claims totalling 3.5 million dollars as recently as 2017. Worse, it is not just the monetary costs that you should be concerned with. As you know; any damage to your reputation can take much longer to recover than monetary losses. Worse, you might never regain the entirety of your reputation with some clients.

Choosing a Great Optometry Attorney

So how do you go about selecting the best in optometry attorneys? Most people would simply try searching on their favourite online platform. We would suggest that you establish a set of winning criteria for finding the perfect partner, especially if you are looking for a Los Angeles optometry attorney, where competition is particularly fierce.

Most people would consider cost to be of primary importance but this is not strictly the case. Optometry attorneys are specialised lawyers with skills that have been uniquely learned to apply to you. The cheaper option might be to employ a generic attorney for your firm. A fully qualified and specialist Optometry Attorney will have better knowledge of the legal issues you and your clients may face. Put simply: they are better equipped to deal with your specific business.

So how do you narrow down your options and find the best optometry attorney near you? We would recommend that you turn to the customer reviews. A good optometrist attorney will have clients who will happily testify to their abilities. In this digital world we live in it will not take long to ‘vet’ each potential attorney by searching for their practice online.

Another tip on finding a great optometry attorney is to ask around. If you have a network of business contacts who work in your industry there is a high chance they will recommend someone reputable. Take their advice and listen to hearsay… remember that a reputation tarnished is a reputation lost. A good attorney will have good references – just the same as a good optometrist will have an untarnished reputation.