How to find an experienced and reliable criminal defense attorney

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Most of us find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time at least once in our lifetime. From thinking that we’re ok to drive after one too many drinks, to having an ordinary night spiral out of control right before our eyes, whatever the reason, we are all susceptible and affected by the different circumstances in our lives. And when faced with any kind of legal issue, having the right criminal defense attorney working on your side can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. We see people asking this question every day – how do you find the best criminal defense lawyer for my particular situation? The answer is a simple one – legal services are like any other consumer product or service, where one needs to do as much research as possible to find the option that works best for the given situation. For more specific advice, please visit the Ferraro Law Group PL website where you will find much more detailed information and next steps for the most common legal issues in the USA.

In order to speed up your search and help you make an informed decision, it is essential that you get certain pieces of information and unless you know what to look for, this can certainly be a challenge! Here are the five areas we recommend for finding the best lawyer for all your legal needs –

  1. Candidate interviews

It is the most time-consuming part of finding the right criminal defense lawyer. But, it is very important that you ask the following questions to narrow your choices down –

  • What is the lawyer’s experience in criminal defense for the particular issue you are having?

  • Has he or she handled a similar situation before?

  • What is this criminal defense attorney known for?

  • What is the rundown of his or her fee? How do you have to pay for it?

  • Does he or she have any special certifications or skills in this particular field?

  • Will he or she be directly working on your case? Or, is this something that is typically handled by others? If so, who? What are their qualifications?

  • Does this criminal defense lawyer have fee agreements and representation agreements?

  • Once you start working together, what are the available channels of communication?

  1. Law directories

Although it seems rather old-school, you can find out a lot about your final selection of criminal defense firms and attorneys at online legal directories. Many experienced criminal defense lawyers select the services of registered online law directories while recruiting fresh talent for their law firms. Many of these directories update their listing based on peer reviews and client reviews.

  1. Speak with other attorneys

You might already have a tax attorney, estate attorney or divorce attorney. If you are searching for a competent and popular criminal defense lawyer, the chances are that your acquaintance already knows of some good ones. Attorneys should be able to provide proper information about fellow criminal defense lawyers including their reliability, ethics, competence, practice habits, cost, and reputation.

  1. Visit their office

Shortlist a few of the lawyers based on the four steps we have mentioned above. Finally, pay a visit to their offices before it is time to sign the deal. The efficiency of the office staff, the neatness, and the nature of the employees should give you a good idea about the service you can expect from a law firm.

  1. Other types of online research

When looking into hiring for any kind of service with big consequences, people tend to look online to check the reputation and background of the service provider. Even while hiring a babysitter, parents do a thorough background check of the applicants. Therefore, there is no reason you should refrain from running a thorough online research and background check for each of the attorneys on your final list. Check your references and look them up on the internet. Find out what other clients are saying. It should give you a good idea about their values, expertise, reputation, previous achievements, etc.

These simple five steps can help you find an efficient criminal defense lawyer for your legal needs within time.