Five tactics insurance companies use to delay or deny personal injury claims

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After a car accident, you would think that the not at fault injured driver should be able to easily collect compensation for damages from their insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case… the reality is many injury victims have issues receiving the reimbursement of medical treatments and compensation for lost wages from insurance companies in Chicago and elsewhere in the US.

Insurance providers often seem go to great lengths to avoid paying injury claims. Before you file an injury claim with your insurance company, it might help to speak with an experienced personal injury or accident lawyer in Chicago who can help you understand your best strategy to get full and fair compensation in a timely fashion.

Here is a list of the five tactics that almost all insurance companies in Chicago and elsewhere that frustrate claimants.

  • Delays

Even the most reputable insurance companies can stall and delay payment. It seems in some cases, like these providers hope that the claimant will simply go away after losing patience. No matter how discouraging the situation seems, it is essential to hold strong and keep following up with the insurance company. It also helps to provide compelling evidence to direct them towards the payout. It might seem daunting, but consulting with a personal injury attorney like  Willens personal injury firm in Chicago can provide you with the information you need give you the best chance of success.

  • Incomplete evidence

In some situations insurance companies play the “insufficient evidence” card. Therefore, it is imperative to make copies of your medical bills, car repair work memos and the police report. If possible take pictures of the accident scene, the resulting damage to your property, the physical injuries and the injury the other party has sustained. Speak with your accident attorney to find out what evidence you need to collect to file a successful insurance claim.

  • Denial of liability

Liability is a critical issue in almost all personal injury and traffic accident insurance claims. For example – if the other driver was at fault, their insurance provider might decline liability and halt payment altogether. The driver’s insurance provider will try to reduce the charges and the subsequent compensation. In Illinois, under the comparative negligence system, the victim of an accident may receive a part of the damages even if they were partly at fault. However, if you do not want to settle for a reduced compensation, you would be well advised to find a good personal injury firm in Chicago to represent you. 

  • Downplaying the seriousness of injuries

Downplaying the extent of injuries can reduce compensation. In most cases, the insurance provider will hire a medical expert and ask you for an independent medical examination. Your personal injury lawyer should be able to arrange a referral to a more neutral medical examination team.

  • Claiming the pre-existence of physical injuries or conditions

There are times when insurance companies will claim that the victim’s injuries were not a result of the accident, but they have been there for some time before the crash. It is possible that you had a medical condition that the crash aggravated. You’ll need to prove this with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney working with a medical team.

So if you or a loved one are ever in a serious auto accident, keep these five signs of claim delay or denial in mind. It’s smart to begin working with a personal injury lawyer as early as possible after the accident to reduce mistakes, complications and maximize your compensation.