4 Qualities of a Top Workers Compensation Lawyer

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Getting injured at work is a common occurrence, especially when you’re primarily doing physical labor.  Medical professionals risk their health on a daily basis trying to help people afflicted with contagious and infectious diseases (read more). Construction workers, on the other hand, put their life on the line giving form to the tallest, biggest, and most majestic buildings we know of today. Then we also have rank-and-file employees who bravely face day-to-day office activities.

The last example may not feel as alarming compared to the dangers other professionals face. Mind you, danger is everywhere. Accidents happen when we least expect them. No matter who you are, where you are, and what you do, you can never be too safe. Something as simple as tripping down the stairs can lead to disastrous (sometimes irreversible) outcomes. It is a must that we prepare for times like these – and to know people who will protect our rights should misfortune befall us in our workplace.

We all need the security of working with the best workers’ compensation lawyer in town.

What Are Workers Compensation Benefits?

WCB or Workers Compensation Benefits are state-provided benefits given to employed individuals who have suffered from work-related injuries or illnesses (Discover WCB here: https://injury.findlaw.com/workers-compensation/workers-comp-benefits-explained.html). Under the Workers Compensation Act, any employed individual is entitled to receiving a lump sum and/or monthly assistance for all the days that he is incapable of doing regular work. This is the government’s way of granting people financial security when they are faced with tough times as a result of an incident that is way beyond their control.

The benefit, of course, is relative to the amount of damage done to the worker. If he or she has become permanently disabled because of a work-related injury, he or she can apply for lifetime assistance. This works side by side with Social Security’s Disability Benefits. On the other hand, if the worker is deemed to be “partially disabled,” with a good chance of recuperating fully, he or she is given assistance only for the days that he or she is unable to work.

But, what if an injury or illness that has been reported cured relapses?

Well, this is where Workers Compensation Lawyers usually come into play. As a general rule, a trial-work period is given to individuals who have gone back to work after recuperation. During this period, the worker’s health is monitored and evaluated. Should an illness or disability persist or relapse, they may apply for re-qualification to WC benefits. With a WC Lawyers help, the processing time for applications and re-applications may be hastened – that is, if the lawyer handling the case is good enough to bring about results.

This is why choosing the right lawyer to handle your WC claim is very important. An attorney directory – Ramos Law Firm, for example – can help you find a good one.  A good lawyer is basically your key to getting faster approval. Here are the top four (4) qualities every WC Lawyer you hire should have:

Knowledgeable – If you are to hire a lawyer to handle your WC case, you should seek the help of a specialized professional – someone who knows the legalities of WC like the back of his hand. Different lawyers may focus on different areas of the law. Although most will have a general idea of what the Workers Compensation law is about, hiring a lawyer specializing in WC is more efficient. It will also make the whole process faster as you are working with someone who is already fully familiar with its provisions.

Experienced – Next, finding a lawyer that has handled similar cases before would be ideal. From the outcomes of his previous cases, you can already determine whether you are in good hands or not. Remember that a good lawyer is not always the best lawyer. Good lawyers may know the law but the best ones have already experienced it. Choose a lawyer that can help you achieve the right results.

Empathic – Also, the best lawyer is one who can put himself in your shoes. Empathy is a quality that can show you how serious a lawyer is in pursuing your case. If a lawyer helps because he genuinely feels for your situation, you’re in good hands.

Just – A person who values his work and profession – that is the kind of lawyer you should be looking for. A lawyer that extorts or takes advantage of your situation is distasteful. Champions of the law should act accordingly. Find yourself a WC lawyer that takes pride in his profession and will help you not because you are paying a hefty sum for it but because it is RIGHT. A lawyer who is unjust is hardly fit to be called a lawyer at all.