How to deal with DUI and different things involved with it

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Nothing in life is certain! And the best way we can deal with it is by being prepared for anything. Whether it is related to career, relationship, education or anything else – always be ready to deal with ever comes up. Now sometimes the things that you have to deal with can be something as serious as facing a DUI charge. Under this charge, a person can end up losing their driving losing. Now, losing the driving license is bad enough for anybody caught for drunken driving. You lose your liberty of moving around and would like to get the driving permit restored at the earliest. Here, engaging the best DUI lawyer to represent the case is the best option as the expertise of the lawyer can help you to restore the driving license.

Any legal matter is serious, and it will serve you well if you are aware of the different things associated with it. How you would react to a situation when you find that your driving license revoked would depend on the extent of knowledge you have about the process of reinstating it. In this article, we will discuss some of the things related to Driving Under Influence (DUI) and how to find a competent lawyer if you need.

Hearings held for drunken driving

There are two types of hearings related to DUI. These are –

  • Administrative hearings – it is conducted for matters related to drunk driving but does not refer to licensing.

  • Implied consent hearing – this involves the revocation of if someone arrested for DUI refuses or fails to submit to a blood, breath and urine test.

Revocation of the license is entirely separate from any criminal prosecution that may result from the incident. If you wish to challenge license revocation, you will have to file a review petition. If you or your lawyer does not do that, then you relinquish your right to challenge the revocation. It also means that authorities will put this incident on your driving record, no matter what the result of the case is.

Look for experience and knowledge

A good lawyer will have it both – experience and expertise. Ask for a reference from the lawyer or anyone who has used the services. You cannot hire a lawyer just because his website lists some great achievement. You need to find out how many DUI cases he has handled and what the result of those cases was. The lawyer can analyze a case from different angles to find out if there is anything he or she can work with. It is these small things which can make all the difference in a DUI case.

Another thing that you need to check before hiring the lawyer is the team they have in place to help with your case. Usually, they have a team of professionals that can help in dealing with the different aspects related to the case. They make background inquiry to find out if there is anything that they can use while proceeding with the case. It will help them better prepare and represent the case so that they can present all the facts in front of the judge. In case there is a guilty verdict then they can argue with these facts to reduce the punishment.

Consider the money involved

Another aspect of DUI charges falling upon you is that the expenses begin from the time you are booked and just as the cab meter, it keeps galloping with the ride. Even if you are found guilty for the first time, it will leave you devastated, and the cost of the last drink will prove to be too much. Although the expenses may vary based on location and circumstances, be ready to pay for attorney fees, court costs, fines, temporary loss of income and many more. There are other costs too that you have to bear – car ignition interlock device, other transportation costs, car towing cost, periodic blood testing and monthly monitoring fees in addition to increased auto premiums.

You must remember that if authorities arrest a person for drunken driving, they can very well end up losing your source of income. And if you face jail time, the situation can become even more severe for you. In some instances, it is legal for an employee to terminate the services of a person who has a conviction for DUI. Even after the case is over many people choose not to employ someone who has a record of driving under the influence. So, it is not only a current financial crunch situation, but your future ability for employment can also get affected.

Be alert about your future behavior

Submit the substance abuse evaluation report to the hearing officer. Even if the sentencing court discharges you of the offenses committed, you have to be sober for one year. The evaluation should include diagnosis as well as prognosis. The report must categorically state that you are going through a phase of sustained remission concerning substance abuse. It should also mention that in case the license is restored, the risk of your committing another drunken driving offense is quite low.

The evidence that you provide to the hearing officer can be in the form of family and friends issuing letters that endorses your consistent sober behavior. It is a good idea to attend a support group that works for substance abuse, and the best would be to get a sponsor. This action can give a boost to your credibility and bolster your proof that chances of relapse are very less.

The entire process of handling a DUI charge can be overwhelming for anyone. Depending on the case it can involve looking for a lawyer, hiring their service, arranging the money and getting the license back. Other things can also be required here depending on individual cases. Doing research and finding out all that you can about DUI cases in your state can be of help here. Once you have all the facts in hand, you will be in a better position to make decisions.