Special Offer Bundle: ‘An Introduction to Personal Injury Law’ & ‘On Experts: CPR35 for Lawyers and Experts’ by David Boyle

As an introductory offer (until the end of August), we are offering both of David Boyle’s highly regarded books, On Experts (rrp £85) and An Introduction To Personal Injury Law (rrp £49.99, £34.99 for students) for a combined price of just £99.99.

An Introduction To Personal Injury Law is designed to take an absolute beginner through to 5+ years in practice, whilst On Experts seeks to explain not just the formalities of Expert evidence but the entire process of forming, expressing, challenging and presenting opinion, with specific chapters about some of the most commonly seen types of expert evidence including vehicle assessors, accident reconstruction, EL/PL engineers and different types of medical evidence.

Both books are written to make the reader think about what they are doing and why.

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