Is the law profession right for you?

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Working in law is one of the most complex and psychologically gruelling professions in the world, requiring a high-functioning mind set, a brain that’s finely tuned to the intricacies of language, and a personality that isn’t afraid to speak up and defend their client.

At least, that’s what most people think. But those in the know understand that the law profession isn’t solely reserved for criminal investigations. Law professionals can also specialise in property, marriage, assets, and many others. Each of these requires a unique and complex skill set, the likes of which is difficult to comprehend if you’re not in the law profession.

It’s why law students are the most likely to drop out of university, and why the people who do succeed are paid well for their efforts.

The real deal in law

Indeed, the worlds of Ally McBeal or Boston Legal are mere fantasies. While their highly sexed plots of intrigue and legal wrangling is high in intensity and sharp suits, real law professionals spend most of their time in musty offices, nursing warm cups of coffee and scouring complicated legal documents.

None of this spiel is designed to put you off working in the law profession. For many, the difficult process of law is a major draw. It provides the mind with plenty of stimulus, like a heightened version of Sudoku, and comes with a hefty pay packet that will put you in the heady heights of the upper-middle class.

Your career path

The most traditional path into the law profession is through university, although many people are using online degrees to either obtain a law degree or top up their existing one. A standard law degree will take an average of five years to complete, at which time you should have specialised in your field.

But for those who really want to excel, many law firms will be willing to take on an intern, where you’ll be able to take a look at real life cases and legal issues as they unfold. This will give you a fantastic insight into the world you’re hoping to join, and can be used as a perfect networking opportunity for your future career.

Once you’re flung out university and into the real world, you’ll have to find yourself a job, which can be difficult in a bear pit like the law profession. No matter what experience you’ve accrued during your studies, you’ll inevitably end up at the bottom of the ladder working your way up.

This isn’t a profession with shortcuts, but it is one full of rewards. So consider the law profession and what you could make of it.